Berlev’s Rock ‘n’ Roll New Single

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Release 15, December

Berlev’s Rock ’n’ Roll Hotel plays rock. Sometimes hard rock, other times more soft rock, certain times wild rock but always filled with energy. Søren Berlev, the old drummer of the biggest rock n roll band ever in Denmark and Scandinavia has been working several years to write new music and has gathered a band. Berlev’s Rock ’n’ Roll Hotel succeeds in the delivery of a wild, participatory and musical performance of the songs.

The band consists of Søren Berlev on drums, Erik Winther on guitar, Esben Hegelund on vocal and Søren Fjalland on bass guitar. Together they play a live performance which leave the audience with no doubt about the bands love for rock n roll music. When the band plays their highly energetic songs they make sure to the audience is rocking to the loud guitar solo and singing along on the catchy melodies.

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