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4 Best Gift Ideas For Musicians

Choosing presents for a person you love can be one of the most difficult decisions you make, after all, whatever the occasion, you want to get them something they’ll truly appreciate and cherish for years to come. If your special someone is a musician, then you can’t go wrong if you buy them a music-related gift. Whether they’re a newcomer to the world of playing music, an enthusiastic amateur or even a professional, you’ll find a wide range of gift ideas that are sure to hit the right spot. With so much to choose from, we’ve compiled this handy guide to the four best gift ideas for the musician in your life.

1. VIP Concert Experience

Whatever variety of music your loved one plays, they’re sure to be inspired by the great maestros of their particular instrument, so taking them to a concert featuring their favorite composer, band or instrumentalist is sure to be a welcome choice. Take this gift idea to the next level by making it a VIP experience. You can do this by getting the best tickets in the house. Try combining it with a weekend away in a beautiful location or dining beforehand in a top-quality restaurant. In this way, you’ll create a memorable experience that inspires too.

2. Electronic Drum Set

What can you buy a person who is obsessed with playing their musical instrument – how about a new, totally different, musical instrument? There are lots of instruments to select from, but an electronic drum set could be a smart choice. Being a good musician is all about developing timing and musicality and having a great rhythm. No instrument focuses on rhythm and quickly improves rhythm more than a drum kit. Full size, traditional drum kits can be unwieldy, so take a look at this guide from Above House and find the perfect electronic drum set: they’re portable, affordable and they sound great.

3. Music Lessons

Even the greatest musicians never stop practicing and never stop learning, so however good your own favorite musician is, buying them a block of music lessons is always a good gift idea. Take time to find the right instructor for the potential pupil; look at their credentials and their reviews online. Find one that specializes in teaching people of the relevant ability, whether that be beginner, improver or expert. It’s also important to take their location into consideration, and book lessons that will be easy for your loved one to reach and at a time that’s convenient for them.

4. Music Books

When musicians are playing their instruments, they read the score, but when they’re not playing, they often love to read music books. There are two types of reading matter that are just perfect for music lovers: books of sheet music for their particular instrument or books about famous players of that instrument or the history of the instrument and their genre of music in general. If you’re buying a present for a relative newcomer to music playing, a ‘how to play’ book or two can be a great idea, and it can make a great addition to any music lessons that you may be booking for them. Before you head to the book store or purchase books online, take a sneak look at their bookshelves to see what kind of book they like and to ascertain that they don’t already have the books you have in mind.

Playing music is both relaxing and invigorating, so it’s little wonder that musicians of all levels love to play and love their instruments. When you buy them one of these four great gifts, from electronic drum sets to concert experiences or music lessons and books, they’re sure to love their present too – as well as the person who gifted it to them.

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