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"When one puts themselves out there, they could potentially face criticism or receive some not very nice comments. Bullying has been a huge issue in today's world with social media," but Wengie does not let those kinds of things bother her in any sort of way.


"If you're putting yourself out there there's no way to escape negative comments! It's completely natural for people to not agree with your point of view and I always believe sometimes it's better to agree to disagree. They can have their opinion, but it doesn't need to affect my life! It's best also not to pay attention to them because sometimes they just are doing it to get a reaction, so I usually don't give them much attention unless I feel it's constructive and I could grow from it” said Wengie.
Wengie is a sensation on YouTube with over 12M subscribers. Her videos possess over 1B cumulative views and she has 1.6M followers on her Instagram. Wengie was born in Guangzhou, China and grew up in Sydney Australia. She built a brand so unique through social media platforms and got her start on YouTube five years ago.

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