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Courtney Cooper New Album “Waves” Out Now

Courtney Cooper, a Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter, is ready to rise to the top of the new class of leftwing pop singers. The Indie artist invites listeners in on an intimate journey of out-the-box meaningful passion and soul through her music. Courtney recently released four new singles, “Cosmos,” “Vibes”, “Damn”, and “Paradise” off of her much anticipated new EP, “Waves”, that dropped today! She is stirring up the music scene with honest and raw lyrics accompanied by the soothing tones of her melodies and vocals.

Courtney’s forthcoming album “Waves” reaches new heights as the album contains an artful blend of soul-infused indie and pop. Each track leaves the listener with a breath of fresh air, wanting to hear more.


Next Town Down’s latest video leaves everything on the dance floor as the New Edition inspired vocal group showcases both their dance moves and rhythmic R&B vibes. The video which is set inside what looks likes a Hollywood mansion plays on how a video of themselves leads to the thoughts and dreams of them one day making it big.

Although the video shows them working as cleaners, The members of NTD are no stranger to working a few crazy jobs of their own. In fact, the video’s inspiration gives a nod to those jobs they worked (i.e Dominoߣs, Subway, the corn fields, bill collection, and the Atlanta airport) before meeting over social media.

I think it’s safe to say, they wanted to let you know in a fun, smooth way that some dreams are just hard to shake. Or in their case, “ROCK.”

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