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What You Need To Know About Ivy League Haircut

Perhaps, if you are reading on this page, you wanted to know more about ivy league haircut, and possibly learn how you can wear it. Well, this guide will help you know more about this phenomenal men’s hairstyle and how to rock it.

To start, this haircut originated from the United States. Since then, the haircut has become common among men, and everyone wants to try it out. Here’s is all you need to understand about the ivy league haircut.

  • What Is The Ivy League Haircut?

This haircut resembles the crew cut, but it has enough length on the crown that allows you to part the hair to the sides. As its name suggests, it is very easy for anyone to guess that it originated from Harvard. Think about any American movie cast on campus, and you will know you have seen it. Fundamentally, this haircut is rocked as a slightly extended and smarter version of its cousin short crew haircut.

  • What Is The Right Length Of Hair For The Ivy League Hairstyle?

Just like the crew cut, the Ivy League hairstyle is a short haircut, but it is styled with subtly longer length on the top and also with slightly longer length on the back and the sides. You will need around 1.6-2 inches of hair on the front, and graduated shorter towards the crown.

You need the hair on the sides to be somewhere between two inches and five inches and include a taper for a classic Ivy League cut. Choose anything short and faded, and you will rock one of the modern modification of a crew cut.

  • How to Tell Your Barber to Style the Ivy League Hairstyle for You.

As we always say, the names of different haircuts don’t have a lot of meaning nowadays. All you need to do is take a picture of the ivy league haircut you need and take it to your barber. It is recommended to choose variations of them so that the hairdresser can look at them and choose the best one for you.

Regardless of whatever Ivy League cut variation you choose, tell your barber to include texture to your entire style. This gives your hair messier and textured appearance and makes it pretty easier to style at home.

  • Products to Use to Style Your Ivy League Hairstyle.

One thing we love about ivy league haircut is its ease of styling and also maintaining. By styling your hair too short and also textured, it takes you little time to get your hair in place. You may choose matte clay or any other texturizing hair product to achieve the needed texture and hold.

After applying the product, sweep your hair to either side for a classic haircut. You can achieve this using a comb for a beautiful look. You may as well use your fingers if you want to maintain the textured, messy look. You may also opt for a side part, which is a traditional way to rock the Ivy League cut.

  • Whom Does The Ivy League Hairstyle Fit

Fortunately, you don’t require an ivy league haircut class in place to know whether the haircut can fit you or not. It looks excellent on any guy who is looking for a smart look that can be rocked for almost all events. With textured hair, it gives you a style that can be easily styled in the morning for the guys who don’t want to spend a lot of time styling their hair. 

However, there are more formal and clean Ivy League hairstyles compared to casual styles. Perhaps, this is because of its origin, which is a scholarly one. So if you want to make a fashionable, yet chic and sophisticated look for formal events, opt for more formal haircuts. The best thing is that these haircuts, though formal. It doesn’t require a lot of styling, as you will find with the other types of formal haircuts. 

You may choose haircut variations that look great on medium length hair. Regardless of your hair type, whether thick or thin, you are sure you will find a hairstyle that rocks you. Ivy haircuts are known for their neat and tidy look that basically suits formal ambiance.

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Let Your Layered Hair Express Your Impressive Sense Of Style

We live during the times when everything possible. This means that no matter your tastes and preferences you can opt for any cut that appeals to you. However, when doing that you need to keep the simple fact in mind even if you can get the cut, it does not mean that it is going to suit you. Sad but true, some cuts fit only chosen hair textures as well as face shapes.

This news may sound quite disappointing but wait until you hear about the popular as well as trendy layered hair! The truth is that layered cuts are almost unlimited, and this means that as long as you know what to look for, you will find the one for your hair type as well as face shape. There are dozens of variations and all the layers can be easily fitted to your personal needs. So let our journey into the world of layered haircuts for all ladies begin!

Fabulous Long Layered Hair

If you think that layers can’t look great on long hair you are mistaken! They can give your long mane that one of a kind look. As mentioned above, you need to consider your hair texture in the first place before asking for a layered cut. An experienced hairdresser knows that the best texture to spice up with layers is the thick hair. If your hair is thick and long it usually needs some additional movement and reduction of heaviness. That is when layering comes in more than useful. Besides, layered hair is less likely to look damaged due to split ends since they are simply eliminated.

Normal long hair can be upgraded with the help of subtle ones gathered in the back, while the medium layers go to the front to frame the face. Layers can add volume too, so if you have long hair you can benefit from the cut as well. However, it is best if you ask for blunt and piece-y layers instead.

Cute Short Layered Cuts

Layers are beneficial to short hair too. When short cuts grow out a little, it does not look as fancy and complementing as it used to. Add a few layers in the proper places, and things will change dramatically. What do we have in mind?

Soft layering in the front will help you accent your cheekbones which will create a necessary lifting effect which many long for. In times when you wish there were some more volume on the top, we suggest you opt for graduated layers in the back. This approach goes well for both fine as well as thick hair. Firstly, you will gain fullness on the crown. Secondly, the crown will not look as bushy. There is almost no cut that a bunch of layers wouldn’t be able to enhance!

Sassy and Sweet Medium Layers

It goes without saying that medium length styles are some of the most popular among today’s women. In fact, it’s low-maintenance and easier to preserve which is certainly advantageous.

One of the most universal layered cuts for all textures and faces is the layered bob. It complements many yet has a different look on every person. However, the layered bob isn’t the only layered cut for mid-length hair. They’re a ton out there and we will help you discover them!

Layered Hair for Every Hair Type

Has it occurred to you that layers fit all textures without exception. How is that possible? The answer is simple. The fact is that layers are involved in every cut at one point or another. However, it depends upon a good hairdresser to find suitable layers that fit your hair type most. For instance, straight hair should only be layered with a razor, while thick locks require some internal layers. At the same time subtle layers will boost volume in fine hair. Amazing, isn’t that?

Explore the Beauty Secrets with Hot Rollers

While fashion is changing each new day, curls are always on-trend. The perfect mix of sexy cuteness and wildness. Who does not want to have curls except curly people, of course?

There are multiple tools to make waves. The most obvious choices are curling iron and the best hot rollers. And since there are tons of information on curling iron, let’s find out what do we actually know about rollers?

The secret guide to Hot Rollers

Hot rollers don’t need a real guide. We`ve all known the basics since early childhood. Our moms used them, our grannies used them. While we receive a better quality of rollers and better hair care, the manual is still the same.

Let’s refresh memory:

Step 1. Prepare your hair. Brush it. Make sure it is dry. Meanwhile, start heating up rollers. You may also use spray or mousse for extra fixation. In this case, do it right away.

Step 2. Part hair into sections and brush it again. When the roller is heated, take a section of hair and roll it up to the skull. Use clips to fasten the roller. Now, when it is holding on its place, take another roller and repeat the procedure.

Step 3. Wait for up to 15 minutes before removing hot rollers. Now, remove rollers one by one, unfastening clips. Use the hair spray if you did not do it before, brush your hair, or just point curls into the direction you need with fingers.

Picking up Hot Rollers that suits you

There is nothing easy in picking up the best Hot Rollers from the variety offered on the market. The task is getting harder by the fact that each pack of hot rollers is different and has its benefits.

Let’s take a closer look at some of them:

● BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Roller Hairsetter was made for those who love to experiment with their hair. It goes in a set with twenty rollers of different sizes which solves the problem of the monotonous hairdo, but if you have long hair and want to see only big or small curls, you’ll need to buy another set.

● Clipless Curlers: InfinitiPro Secret Curl by Conair contains 12 silicone rollers in a set. There are no clips or pins in the pack, which makes the whole procedure easy. Toller is easy to close on each strand.

● Conair Instant Heat Travel Hot Rollers are compact and can easily fit in your carry-on bag. There are 5 rollers which heat up in 2 minutes. It comes with a long cord and super clips to hold rollers.

Things that matter

Material. Hot Rollers are made of different materials, from ceramic to wax. Depending on the material, you may receive quicker heating and long-lasting effect.

Size. It is the most important thing when it comes to picking the perfect rollers. You may be a fan of big curls, so you don’t need to buy a set of different sizes. Pick rollers you’ll use every day.

Time of heating. Modern hot rollers heat up in 2-5 minutes, depending on the model. It can be crucial for you, when you are late for work, missed your breakfast and still in pajamas.

Dry heat or Steam. Rollers with dry heat are warm to touch, as the metal inside them is heating up. Steam rollers evaporate water and moisturize hair, so the effect lasts longer. Dry rollers are faster in use.

Modern Hot Rollers don’t damage your hair. They are quick in use and safe as well. Depending on the waves you want to have, you may choose different hot rollers. The best thing is you still can combine them with a curling iron or a curling wand.

Blender x Nick Graham

Blender Workspace, a premium shared office community, welcomed fashion iconoclast and Joe Boxer founder, Nick Graham, to their New York flagship on February 20th. The two-hour presentation and roundtable discussion signified the launch of Blender’s new Entrepreneur Salon Series: the latest addition to a robust programming initiative available to all Blender members.


Mr. Graham’s presentation focused on themes of audacity and enterprise, informed by his personal experience with innovative brand building. He famously got his start by silk screening dollar bills onto boxer shorts, while his latest collection debuted earlier this month in the shark tank at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Mr. Graham also launched an eponymous men’s fashion line at New York Fashion Week in January.


The event was hosted by Larry Dvoskin, a music entrepreneur who has worked with past Grammy winners including David Bowie, The Beach Boys, Robert Plant, and MGMT. In addition to its salon series, Blender boasts a curated arts program, wellness meet-ups, workshops, and live performances on a daily basis.


Blender is a leading luxury workspace located at 135 Madison Avenue in the NoMad neighborhood of New York City. The space was custom built for high-caliber professionals who value thoughtful design and an elevated work experience, and has evolved into a hub for creative, lifestyle and wellness brands.





The Salon Project

The Salon Project by Joel Warren
Opens Innovative
New Beauty Salon at Saks Fifth Avenue Long Island

  • Debut location of innovative new retail and beauty salon concept at Saks Fifth Avenue Long Island.
  • Premium beauty creation and destination where artistry integrates technology, with leading technicians and unique products.

  • Bespoke beauty experiences in a unique setting, customized around the client, where specialized services are seamlessly connected to the vastly trusted experience of industry veteran Warren.

The Salon Project by Joel Warren is an updated original. A new concept in retail, beauty, and service. The combination of a curated assortment of hair care, skin care, nail care and makeup has never before been offered in such a highly customized way. We created our business model to help the consumer enjoy a bespoke experience, turning the client’s journey in a typical salon and beauty retailer into a thoroughly personalized, turnkey beauty service and shopping experience. Joel Warren, a veteran in the salon business, had a revelation that there is a far better way to primp and shop than what is offered by the current salon model. What was once thought of as an enjoyable day at the salon now truly is, along with expert guidance and incredibly curated retail, Warren has the solution.
The Salon Project offers an innovative approach to the client journey by eliminating the typical front desk for check-in. Instead, guests are greeted by iPad-equipped concierges who direct them to their designated station where the client remains and relaxes for the duration of their services.

Joel Warren said, “I noticed the way that many salons operate is not efficient or as client-focused as it could be. Our approach improves operations, and the client experience, by using our knowledge and technology to bring everything to the client. Saks Fifth Avenue has a focus on luxury, making it the perfect environment for the first location of The Salon Project.”

The first Salon Project location will open its doors in February 2018 at Saks Fifth Avenue Long Island. The plan is to have an additional ten locations opening at Saks Fifth Avenue stores throughout the United States over the next 24 months. Houston and Boca Raton are next on deck to open in 2018, with the second wave of locations in 2019. The highlight of 2019 will be the highly anticipated opening of The Salon Project at the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City.

RPG designed the interiors under the leadership of CEO Bruce E. Teitelbaum in partnership with Joel Warren. Two beauty and retail veterans joined forces to create a compelling, unforgettable space that melds unexpected touches and contemporary twists with 20th-century retro and modern, casual glamour. The salon and spa environment have the technological edge to create excitement and ultimate client convenience. Augmented and virtual reality features drive engagement and allow for seamless check-out in your chair with no trip to the front desk. The Salon Project is truly a stand-out in its category; it is the store of the future.

Bruce E. Teitelbaum commented, “We are thrilled to bring our global, diversified design and build experience to The Salon Project, a pioneer in its category. Joel’s incredible talent and knowledge along with the prestige and allure of Saks and RPG’s creative and manufacturing expertise should prove to be a winning combination.”

To that end, each Beauty Expert from The Salon Project has the opportunity to engage in multi-services training, allowing them to play a key role in facilitating sales through trusted stylist-client relationships. While seated, clients can play with augmented reality technology to try on products available among The Salon Project’s inventory. They test lipsticks and other beauty items from a try-on bar cart, all while receiving recommendations from the Beauty Expert / Hairstylist who seamlessly completes product purchases directly from an iPad.

Sean Paul Campbell, General Manager of The Salon Project, said, “I am thrilled to be supporting Joel Warren, as well as the many talented team members at The Salon Project. This innovative and unique new approach to beauty represents a giant leap forward in service and technology, and means that our clients will be able to expect the most current trends and products every time they walk through our door.”


The Salon Project by Joel Warren is a unique beauty retail concept created by Joel Warren. Warren is a globally recognized colorist, product developer, TV personality and salon owner who is moving forward into his new venture with iconic retailer Saks Fifth Avenue. Warren has selected everything from the product labels to the lighting. Warren will be developing the staff to his liking, creating a new category, which will combine high-end services with prestige retail in a unique environment. Services include hair care, skin care, makeup and medical spa.

For more information or to book an appointment, please go to, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter.


Saks Fifth Avenue, one of the world’s preeminent specialty retailers, is renowned for its superlative American and international designer collections, its expertly edited assortment of handbags, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, andgifts, and the first-rate fashion expertise and exemplary client service of its Associates. As part of the Hudson’s Bay Company brand portfolio, Saks operates 41 full-line stores in 22 states and Canada, five international licensed stores and, the company’s online store.

For more information, kindly visit,,,, and


For all you big spenders out there, we wanted to let you know about an over-the-top travel package with NYC’s Dream Downtown and leading private jet company, JetSmarter

Tennis aficionados flock to New York City for one of the biggest sporting events of the year (August 28th – September 10th), and now with JetSmarter and Dream Downtown, they will be able to enjoy the experience in a completely, new and unique way. Known as the leaders in luxury travel, they have joined forces to offer the perfect package for tennis lovers with deep pockets.

The “VIP Treatment to the U.S. Open” starts at $30,000, and includes the following:

  • 3-Night Stay in The GuestHouse at Dream Downtown
  • One 12-month JetSmarter SMART Level Membership valued at $15,000
  • Up to three free seats on empty-leg flights, which fly to and from hundreds of cities in the U.S. and Europe
  • Access to complimentary seats on select shuttle routes, including South Florida – New York, Atlanta – New York, Boston – New York and more
  • Two tickets to the U.S. Open
  • Unlimited, personal butler service during your stay at Dream Downtown
  • Table reservation + bottle service at PHD Rooftop Lounge
  • Access to your own private cabana at The Beach at Dream Downtown
  • Complimentary hair appointment at IGK Salon
  • Personal driver to transport you to and from the tournament
  • Complimentary champagne and fresh strawberries upon arrival at Dream Downtown