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As Seen in Jay-Z & Dj Khaled “I Got the Keys” Video, Philly Native Reek I’van Drops A New Visual Dir by D. Red wine Called “Hollywood Cahuenga”. The record is Produced by Mid Nasir.


Watch Reek I’van x Hollywood Cahuenga (dir @d.redwine) HERE 

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London Boy Ent 2017  


American Rapper/Songwriter whom performs under the sobriquet, Reek I’van. Hailing from the streets of Southwest Philadelphia, Reek quickly captured the attention of industry enthusiasts with his fiery lyric presentation and diverse flow style. Once known as Khaos in the DVD ERA, he won every battle that came his way.

At the age of 18, Reek was arrested on serious charges facing hefty time while in his freshman year in college.  After a couple years in State Road Prison, he felt robbed of his basketball career when he lost scholarships due to his incarceration.

After finalizing his case, he immediately enrolled back into a community college and was able to walk on a as new recruit. Subsequently a great basketball season at Montco, Reek dropped out. He had to make some brash decisions with the parentage of his daughter, Maui. Reek began building his entertainment company London Boy Ent, which has a ferocious lineup of lyricists waiting to be unleashed. While working and co-writing alongside of notable artists, Reek was able to gather valuable experience in songwriting.

He attributes his undeniable stage presence and appeal to the fashion industry where he is a published international model, receiving tons of offers for notable campaigns. 

“In modeling… you exist to be judged on your looks, so when it came time for me to actually showcase my talent (rap) I had no fear, only fire. “– Reek