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HSN Holiday 2017

Perfect HSN gifts for the Holidays 


HTWO, created by Dr. Cody Cook, was the first hydrogen water to be developed and was based on countless scientific studies (conducted by Dr. Cook) on the benefits of hydrogen water. While there are competitors on the market, no competitor has the research and data to back up their claims like HTWO. Dr. Cook has put countless hours into research and development in order to develop the best and most efficient hydrogen water product.

HTWO’s benefits for health and performance include a boost in endurance, the reduction of lactic acid and fatigue, and are a rich source of antioxidants. HTWO will deliver hydrogen to your body for health and wellness, boost and re-charge your metabolism, provide anti-aging properties that will help detox your body, and reduce stress at the cellular level.

HTWO is offered exclusively in a 500 ml pouch to ensure the beverage delivers a high concentration of hydrogen into your body, while the pouch acts as an effective barrier to hold the hydrogen gas so no seepage can occur. The beverage is 0 calories, sugar free, caffeine free, and fat free, with no additional additives.

Fans of the water include Olympic track and field star, Sanya Richards-Ross and Mike Conley Jr. of the Memphis Grizzlies.