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Rapper and producer Amir Obè builds on the momentum of CAN’T BE A ____ HERE: CHAPTER 2, and its 8-minute “Romeo and Juliet” short film, with today’s release of “Famous,” the first new track from CAN’T BE A ____ HERE: CHAPTER 3, the third and final installment of his three-chapter project. Next Thursday, Nov. 15th, Amir makes his late night television debut on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers.

The ongoing saga of Detroit-raised, Brooklyn-reared Amir Obè shifted into high gear in August, with the release of CAN’T BE A ____ HERE: CHAPTER 1. Listen here:

“Bloodshot” arrived in October, a graphic look into the depths of Amir Obè’s trials and tribulations, exposing the vices and demons that have plagued him throughout his life’s journey. Hear “Bloodshot” at:  

October 12th marked the COMPLEX.COM premiere of the “Romeo & Juliet” short film (directed by Sebastian Sdaigui), and simultaneous release of CAN’T BE A ____ HERE: CHAPTER 2, which also included “Bloodshot.”

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