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Modern renaissance man, singer, songwriter, and The Hounds founder Hudson Thames returns with his brand new single “Last Call” today via Republic Records.

Check out “Last Call” Here:

Produced by Academy® Award-nominated and GRAMMY® Award-winning composer Stephan Moccio [The Weeknd], “Last Call” waltzes from booze-drenched piano and hard-hitting handclaps into a wistfully wild singalong, “So tonight, let’s get high, middle fingers to the sky, we’ll be fine.”

Picture The Stranger-era Billy Joel soundtracking a night out with your closest friends and you’re halfway there…

The song offers the perfect gateway drug if you’re unfamiliar with Thames. It serves as a perfect intro to more music coming soon produced by Moccio.

It’s “Last Call,” so roll up something, pour something, and let Hudson Thames lift you up…

For the past three years, Hudson Thames has been unassumingly angling himself for a major mainstream breakthrough as pop’s wildest character. In 2015, he became a quiet phenomenon with his Lip Tricks EP. Its lead single “How I Want Ya” [feat. Hailee Steinfeld] racked up 23 million Spotify streams, while the Dawin remix eclipsed 20 million. He packed houses on his first national tour as “Our Song” put numbers on the streaming board and he contributed a cut to the Sing Street Soundtrack. In addition, he launched the creative collective The Hounds. He maintained that momentum in 2017 with the banger “LA Models.” Now, he’s inviting everyone to enjoy “Last Call” with him.


Today, the Jaguar I-PACE, the first all-electric production vehicle from the Jaguar brand, has been unveiled to the world in a live webcast. Clean, smart and offering a wealth of driver assistance features, the Jaguar I-PACE delivers sports car performance, artificial intelligence (AI) enabled technologies and five-seat SUV practicality.

British comedian and actor, Jack Whitehall, self-proclaimed EV enthusiast and TV presenter Jonny Smith and American tech guru iJustine, hosted a special live show as the first I-PACE rolled off the production line in at the Jaguar Land Rover manufacturing facility in Graz, Austria, where the car will be built.

When it came to explaining the technology behind I-PACE, host comedian Jack Whitehall enlisted the help of the Jaguar brand’s newest vehicle experts, nine year olds Lola and Hudson.

A documentary, titled ‘Fully Charged’ aired at the end of the webcast, giving a behind-the-scenes insight into the creators of the Jaguar I-PACE.

Designed and engineered in the UK, the I-PACE will be built in Graz, Austria, as part of Jaguar Land Rover’s manufacturing partnership with Magna Steyr. It joins the growing family of Jaguar SUVs, alongside the all-new E-PACE and multiple award-winning F-PACE.

“We set out with a clean sheet approach to harness new battery electric technology with an architecture engineered from the outset to optimize EV performance, aerodynamics and interior space. The result is the I-PACE – a true Jaguar and a truly driver-focused EV,” said Ian Hoban, Jaguar Vehicle Line Director.


With a 432 pouch cell, 90kWh, lithium-ion battery pack, the I-PACE delivers an estimated range of 240 miles2. Owners will be able to achieve a 0-80 percent battery charge in around 40 minutes using publicly available 100kW DC rapid charging facilities3. Home charging with a 230V/32A AC wall box (7kW) will achieve the same state of charge (0-80 percent) in just over ten hours – ideal for overnight charging3.

A suite of smart range-optimizing technologies includes a battery pre-conditioning system which allows the vehicle to warm or cool its battery, and cabin, to an optimal temperature while plugged in to power. By allowing the vehicle to do this while still connected to power, the system reduces the need for the vehicle to tap into its driving range to reach optimal operating temperature.


Two Jaguar-designed concentric electric motors – which feature driveshafts passing through the motors themselves for compactness – are placed at each axle, producing exceptional performance and all-wheel drive, multi-surface traction.

The high torque density and high-energy efficiency characteristics of the motors combine to deliver sports car performance, launching the I-PACE from a standing start to 60mph in 4.5 seconds1. This instantaneous performance is matched with exceptional ride comfort and engaging driving dynamics Jaguar customers have come to expect.

The aluminum architecture uses advanced riveting and bonding technology to deliver a light, stiff body structure. Together with the structural battery pack, it has a torsional rigidity of 36kNm/degree – the highest of any current Jaguar vehicle.

The battery is placed centrally between the two axles, and as low as possible with a seal between the housing and the underfloor. This location enables a 50:50 weight distribution and a low center of gravity. Together with the advanced double wishbone front and an Integral Link rear suspension with standard Active Air Suspension and optional configurable Adaptive Dynamics, this packaging delivers agile handling and outstanding ride comfort.



The Jaguar I-PACE is designed and engineered to take full advantage of its smart electric powertrain, maximizing the potential of packaging benefits EVs inherently bring.

Its sleek, coupe-like silhouette was influenced by the Jaguar C-X75 supercar concept; drawing inspiration for its short, low hood, aero-enhanced roof design and curved rear window from the concept. This cab-forward design contrasts with its squared-off rear, helping reduce the coefficient of drag to just 0.29Cd. To optimize the balance between cooling and aerodynamics, the I-PACE relies on Active Vanes in the grille which open when cooling is required and close when not needed; redirecting air through the integral hood scoop, further smoothing airflow around the vehicle.

Inside, customers will experience a spacious cabin highlighted by the Jaguar brand’s exquisite attention to detail and sophisticated materials – including the option of a premium textile Kvadrat interior.

Although classed as a mid-sized SUV by its physical footprint, the cab forward design and packaging of the EV powertrain mean the I-PACE offers interior space comparable to a larger vehicle. The I-PACE affords a rear legroom space of 35.0-in (890mm) and a useful 0.43- cu. ft. (12.3-liter) central storage compartment in a space that would ordinarily by occupied by a transmission tunnel in a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. Also in the rear, tablet and laptop storage can be found beneath the seats; while the rear luggage compartment behind those seats offers a 25.3 cu. ft. capacity, a generous 51.0 cu. ft. is available with the second row seats folded flat.


The Jaguar I-PACE introduces the Jaguar InControl® Touch Pro Duo™ infotainment system to Jaguar. First debuting on the Range Rover Velar and later on the 2018 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, Touch Pro Duo relies on a pair of innovative touchscreens which work in conjunction with capacitive sensors and tactile physical controls, to make the new system intuitive to use6.

A new EV navigation system built into Touch Pro Duo calculates personalized range and charging status to assist with driver confidence. To gather this data, the Touch Pro Duo system analyzes the topography of the selected route to the destination and aggregates that information with insights from previous journeys, including individual driving styles.

The advanced system uses ‘Smart Settings’ technology – driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms – to identify individual driver preferences, and then tailors the vehicle’s driving and interior settings accordingly.

The I-PACE will also launch an Amazon Alexa Skill linked to the Jaguar InControl Remote App. Owners will be able to ask an Alexa-enabled device for information such as “Is my car locked?,” “What is the charging level?,” and “Do I have enough range to get to work?” among other things.

To ensure customers always have access to the latest infotainment, telematics and battery energy control software, the I-PACE will also be the first Jaguar to provide Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) updates.


In the U.S. the I-PACE will be available in the second half of 2018.

RYAN MOSLEY × “Spotted Pyjamas”

Ryan Mosley

Spotted Pyjamas

15″ x 10.7″, archival pigment print

Signed edition of 50



Blending together art historical themes, styles, and movements with a unique sense of deadpan humor, Ryan Mosley’s paintings exist as contemporary tragicomedy. Mosely works through a spontaneous process, eschewing sketches and blueprints in favor of expressive brushstrokes and instinctual fields of color, resulting in scenes that reverberate with immediacy. Typically working to render trippy theatrical spaces filled with a carnivalesque juxtaposition of whimsy and melancholy, we have collaborated with Mosley to publish a print edition of Spotted Pyjamas, a focused portrait of an imagined character reminiscent of iconographic Byzantine motifs with a knowing wink. As Jennifer Higgie writes in Frieze Magazine, “Comedy — dark, light, and in-between — is never far off. Many of these paintings are like cartoons without a punchline and none the less for it.”

Ryan Mosley has recently mounted solo shows at Eigen+Art (Leipzig, Germany), Anatomy and the Wall (Alison Jacques Gallery (London, UK), Tim Van Laere Gallery (Antwerp), Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, and Tierney Gardarin (New York). Selected group exhibitions include Museums Sheffield (Sheffield, UK), Josh Lilley Gallery (London, UK), Brand New Gallery (Milan, Italy), Sadie Coles HQ (London, UK), Galerie Mikael Andersen (Copenhagen, Denmark) and Royal Academy of Arts (London, UK). Mosley was included in publications such as Vitamin P3 New Perspectives in Painting, published by Phaidon, Painter’s Painters, published by Saatchi Gallery, Picturing People, published by Thames and Hudson and 100 Painters of Tomorrow, published by Thames and Hudson. Ryan Mosley currently lives and works in Sheffield, UK.


Josh Smith at David Zwirner


Clockwise from top left:

Ryan Mosley, Kimia Ferdowsi Kline, Alice Tippit, and Sharon Madanes.

Photo credit: Arte Fuse

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PLAY: Summer on the Hudson 2018 Season

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2018 Richmond International Film & Music Festival

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Compensation Amount: Up to $2,000