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theQoos Inc. has launched a data-based media service app platform that targets English reading K-Pop fans. Through aggregating K-Pop content, theQoos attempts to lock-in users and create communities among K-Pop fans. theQoos Inc. was established in February 2019 with a Seoul office established in April. The venture founders are composed of experienced members from Kakao, Samsung Electronics and, YG Entertainment USA. An investment by SK Group, South Korea’s third largest conglomerate, was completed earlier this year.

2019 has been yet another record-breaking year for K-Pop with BLACKPINK signing to Interscope/Universal Records and being the first K-Pop girl-group to perform at Coachella. BTS became the first Korean act to perform on “Saturday Night Live” and followed up with performances on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” “Good Morning America” and “The Voice.” A new study by Hyundai Research Institute found that the boy band is worth more than $3.6 billion yearly to Korea’s economy. Both acts contributed to the “Hallyu” (or Korean wave) fanbase which is estimated to grow to 100 million fans by 2020 and leading the way for other acts globally such as Monsta X and NCT. In the first half of 2019, there were over 50 concerts taking place in North America and as STYLE put it, “K-Pop is now more popular and profitable in the West than ever before.”

With the increased interest in K-Pop globally, theQoos set out to build a roadway for content by gathering as many select English-written sources of K-Pop into one feed. The idea is that fans who have an enthusiastic passion for K-Pop are called “theQoos” and want to consume all of the content that exists out there without having to search or open multiple applications. These content sources include K-Pop news sites, reputable global news sites that cover K-Pop, artists’ official social media, and YouTube but also fan-made content such as reaction videos, and fancam footage. Since many K-Pop fans usually find their news through K-Pop sites, theQoos also gathers in-depth coverage from respected major media outlets so users can see content they might not normally come across. theQoos also gathers album and concert reviews from various lesser known sites/blogs that deserve to be read as well as fan-made content that are meant to entertain and be enjoyed.

In 2018 BTS was the most tweeted about account worldwide and a tweet featuring BTS member J-Hope participating in the #InMyFeelingsChallenge was the Most Liked Tweet worldwide last year with 1.8 million Likes. Since K-Pop thrives on Twitter, we also gather many official and non-official Twitter accounts into our feed.

Users are able to “Save,” “Like,” and “Share” content but also organize the feed based on their favorite artist(s). Artist pages also include discography and links to music videos. theQoos promises this release to be their minimal viable product and has already planned for many features including in-app commenting and a community section so that Users can have “real interaction”.


theQoos is dedicated to encouraging the growth and distribution of, English language, K-Pop content, and to provide this content to fans free of charge. We want to build a bridge between K-Pop fans across the world and the content that exists in the universe. As the fan community continues to grow, we want to create a platform for them to engage with each other in a genuine way. By promoting users to enter their real information into their profiles we believe that real commentary and real interaction will create a positive space for K-Pop.

By learning who our users are and what their interests are in, we will be able to understand this community like no one has before us. Imagine a world in which every English reading K-Pop fan can freely view and share K-Pop content & be part of a community – which they can take with them, everywhere. theQoos: We are your gateway to the K-Pop Universe.

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5 games inspired by historical events

As the gaming market continues to grow, developers and writers are producing gaming titles at a faster rate than ever. And while they may focus on the gaming graphics and speeds – another important feature is the story. A compelling storyline captures the hearts and minds of players and helps a game broaden its audience, potentially even leading to a franchise. But as game creators look forward to the next innovations in gaming, they sometimes look back into history to seek out inspiring story ideas.

Whether they’re looking to recreate the look and feel of a bygone era in order to fully immerse the gamer in the story, or just taking historical or mythological figures on their own new adventures, there are thousands of years of epic stories and colourful characters to choose from. Let’s take a trip back in time and have a look at some of the great games out there that have taken their inspiration from another era.

Mayan Chief

rent bright and colourful themes, designed to catch the eye and encourage people to take a seat and drop some change. You might think you know slot games – but if you haven’t seen how good they are today, you’re missing out.

Slots have come on leaps and bounds from the dusty one-armed bandits of old. Instead of cranking reels with a lever, players now use buttons to trigger virtual spins on a large screen. Get the correct combination and you can trigger bonus games, extra spins and entertaining animations.

One of the exciting new slot games coming to casinos this year, and also making an appearance online, is Mayan Chief. Based on the ancient Mayan culture which dominated the pre-Columbus Americas, this game features symbols and characters inspired by their rich history. Jaguars and parrots spin round, interspersed with treasure chests and items of intricate golden jewellery.

Watch out for the spinning Mayan calendar: line these carved discs up in the right combination and they will realign to reward you with something special – a huge jackpot.

For some players, some slot games are beginning to rival high-end consumer titles in terms of how engaging and immersive they are. However, titles are released on a near-weekly basis these days that it can be hard to find the ones that have real quality. Mayan Chief is a great place to start, but it’s a good idea to check out some other highly rated new online slots which providing more exciting storylines in different themes.

L.A. Noire

One of the most famous titles on this list, L.A. Noire comes from Rockstar games, the same people who brought us the Grand Theft Auto titles. And L.A. Noire continues their great tradition of letting the player explore a rich open-world city where the attention to detail is simply astounding. A mixture of the real 1940s America and the stylised way it was depicted in noir films and novels, the characters are instantly recognisable tropes – each with their own Rockstar spin.

You play a homicide detective charged with investigating and solving a variety of shocking and grisly crimes perpetrated on the streets of Los Angeles. Many of the crimes were inspired by real-life incidents, such as the infamous unsolved Black Dahlia murder case. Rockstar have done a great job of capturing the look and feel of the post-war era using actual photographs and city planning documents to ensure historical accuracy.

Dynasty Warriors

If you want to go back even further in time then the Dynasty Warriors franchise is well worth a look. Skip the first game as it plays more like a standard pvp fighter, and instead choose one of the many, many, many sequels. Dynasty Warriors 2 plays closest to real events. Based upon the power struggle between warring tribes in China around the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD, you command one of the generals in your bid for victory.

The beautiful costumes look authentic and the detailed maps and scenery really transport you back in time. The hack and slash gameplay and the way in which thousands of enemies swarm on you are not particularly historically accurate, but this is a fantasy game, so I think we can forgive the developers for using a bit of creative license. This is a great series of games that is based on history, as opposed to trying to faithfully recreate it.

Assassin’s Creed

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Assassin’s Creed. These games painstakingly recreate all the buildings, landmarks and historical events for whichever period is currently featured. Sail the high seas with pirates in the Caribbean, gallop through Renaissance Florence or race over the rooftops of revolutionary France. In fact their recreations are so faithful, it has been suggested that they could be used to help rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral, after it caught fire in April.

The games are also peppered with familiar historical faces. Wander from the story mission and you could find yourself in conversation with Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin or even Queen Victoria. The games let you participate in historical events, recreating the action that led to Paul Revere’s legendary ride or the ascension to the papacy of Rodrigo Borgia.

Each building, character, event or location also comes with a detailed encyclopaedia entry so you can learn even more about the setting as you play. Ubisoft have got historical games down to an art form and if you love getting immersed in a beautiful and lovingly-created open world, then these are the games for you.

The Town of Light

The final game on our list is a story-based psychological thriller told through the eyes of Renee, an ex-patient exploring the now-closed psychiatric hospital where she spent her teenage years as a patient. The story is not for the faint-hearted. The writers don’t shy away from detailing the abusive treatments the patients suffered, or the actions of doctors, nurses and other patients which could make life there a literal hell.

What makes this story all the more chilling is that all the events are based on real-life occurrences at Volterra in Tuscany, Italy. Th team behind the game conducted extensive research, including reading letters and medical files from inmates, as well as carefully reconstructing the crumbling buildings.

The Town of Light is not an easy game to play, but it uses its historical basis to educate and spread awareness of some of the problems people with mental illness have had to face in the past. It is an emotional journey that stays with you long after the game has finished – just like any good history lesson should.

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Why Are Online Casinos So Attractive for Gamers?

Casinos have always attracted a large number of people. The casino primarily attracts players with the availability of quick and easy winnings. And if earlier, it was necessary to leave the house, today gambling has mastered the Internet, and therefore it is not difficult to find a casino on the Internet. In this article, we will find out why people like online gambling house so much.

According to statistics, such factors are the most attractive:

● Reliability;

● Deposit and withdrawal methods;

● Assortment of games;

● Bonuses;

● Support;

● Mobility;

● Demo games;

● Low rates.


The most reliable online casinos are licensed. Players should not be deceived. Usually, the license and its validity period are listed at the bottom of the main page. Some services offer to go through the process of verification of identity, which also speaks about the reliability of the service. When choosing a gambling house, beginners often make a mistake and are guided by the number of payouts and are looking for online casinos with good returns. This indicator is not always informative. For example, such honest online casinos as gametwist casino usually try not to embellish the possibility of winning at their gambling house. But fraudsters can lure users to their resources, promising them big and easy money in online casinos.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

An important criterion when choosing a casino is the flexibility of the deposit and withdrawal system. In most cases, only a credit card is required to play at an online gambling house. Also, a large number of services provides the possibility of payments in Bitcoin, which is important for those people whose assets are located in cryptocurrency.

Assortment of Games

Online casinos can provide not only a wide selection of games but also live games. Even an experienced player will be able to choose a real gambling adventure.

Bonuses and Loyalty Program

Due to the high competition, each service seeks not only to attract but also to keep the user. Online gaming platforms usually offer a bonus for the first deposit. Often a reward can be obtained for the subsequent replenishment of your balance.

Online Support

Modern online casinos provide technical support at a very high level. Almost all online gaming services are ready to answer a question or solve your problem around the clock. Comprehensive services provide technical support in different languages.


Those players who do not like to be tied to their computer can choose gaming sites with responsive design or download the application for their smartphone. Mobile casinos provide the convenience of playing at any time of the day.

Demo Games

Thanks to the demo game, you can learn the rules and subtleties of playing in a gambling house without risking your money. Usually the gameplay of the demo mode is no different from the usual game.

Ability to Play at Low Rates

Modern online casinos allow you to play at bets equal to one cent. This allows players to experience the full emotion of gambling without risking large sums.

The modern gambling industry has already gone beyond the classic casinos. A simple hobby can easily become a regular job. After all, a casino is a place where winning largely depends on luck, and a simple person can easily become a billionaire.


Yesterday, 360 MAGAZINE had the opportunity to speak with a group of communications and marketing college students from Mexico whom embodied all of the core principles of a global society – they all celebrated their own uniqueness.

“Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have envisaged that this once young scraggly African-American boy, whom hailed from Detroit, would be able to influence another culture and encourage others to believe that their own individual brands would be able to coexist with their ability to simply be themselves. This road hasn’t always been an easy one; but with the vast support of team members, family and friends, the impossible has become possible. I dedicate this entire networking presentation to my late father whom always encouraged me to walk in silence while I talk through my actions.” – Vaughn Lowery

Special thanks to Eric Brown (of Nickelodeon), Franklin Pena and Owen Duckett (for capturing this memorable moment).

For additional information visit the organization’s site A Favor De Lo Mejor



Your first look at Falcon, X-Men Blue and Gold, and Incredible Hulk


This fall, a new day will shine on the Marvel Universe with your favorite heroes, your favorite creators…where every story is an event!


Today, Marvel is excited to announce the following creative teams and Legacy titles:








Written by GREG PAK








Written by CULLEN BUNN




For an in-depth look at our return to original numbering, fans can consult Marvel’s renumbering chart – a handy and easy way to jump on board with our Legacy content! Featuring new adventures and dozens of exciting returns, look for more interviews and updates with artists, writers, and editors of these series. 


For more information on FALCON, X-MEN BLUE and GOLD, and INCREDIBLE HULK, including interviews with their creators, visit


Expect announcements daily! And be prepared to MAKE MINE MARVEL with MARVEL LEGACY this fall!



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About Marvel Entertainment

Marvel, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy-five years.  Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. 

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Watch the red carpet World Premiere of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” on Wednesday, June 28!


June 28, 2017— Sony and Marvel proudly invite one and all to experience the World Premiere of “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” LIVE from Hollywood! On June 28, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET as your favorite stars arrive at the legendary TCL Chinese Theater!


This LIVE event, available to watch at, and, will get you up close and personal with the cast of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” like no one else can!


Co-Hosted by’s Tamara Krinsky and Lorraine Cink, hear directly from the biggest names in the biz. Scheduled to appear are from the film: Tom Holland, Robert Downey, Jr., Michael Keaton, Marisa Tomei, Zendaya, Tyne Daly, Jacob Batalon, Tony Revolori, Donald Glover, Bokeen Woodbine, Laura Harrier, Hannibal Buress, Jon Favreau, and Michael Chernus. Also scheduled to make appearances are Jon Watts (director), Kevin Feige (producer), Amy Pascal (producer), and so many more.


While you’re watching you can also tweet using the hashtags #SpiderManHomecoming, follow @SpiderManMovie on Twitter and like Spider-Man on Facebook at


“Spider-Man: Homecoming” swings into theaters on July 7, 2017.


In Spider-Man: Homecoming, a young Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tom Holland), who made his sensational debut in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, begins to navigate his newfound identity as the web-slinging super hero in “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” Thrilled by his experience with the Avengers, Peter returns home, where he lives with his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei), under the watchful eye of his new mentor Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.). Peter tries to fall back into his normal daily routine – distracted by thoughts of proving himself to be more than just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man – but when the Vulture (Michael Keaton) emerges as a new villain, everything that Peter holds most important will be threatened.  Directed by Jon Watts. Produced by Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal. Screenplay by Jonathan Goldstein & John Francis Daley and Jon Watts & Christopher Ford and Chris McKenna & Erik Sommers, Screen Story by Jonathan Goldstein & John Francis Daley, Based on the Marvel Comic Book by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.


About Marvel Entertainment

Marvel, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy-five years.  Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. 

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About Sony Pictures Entertainment

Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) is a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment Inc., which is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation. SPE’s global operations encompass motion picture production, acquisition, and distribution; television production, acquisition, and distribution; television networks; digital content creation and distribution; operation of studio facilities; and development of new entertainment products, services and technologies. SPE’s Motion Picture Group includes film labels Columbia Pictures, Screen Gems, TriStar Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, and Sony Pictures Classics. For additional information, visit


Individually, they’ve kept the city of New York safe from its biggest threats. Together, they’re a force to be reckoned with – and the world agrees! Ahead of its highly anticipated second issue, Marvel is pleased to announce that DEFENDERS #1 has sold out and will immediately return for a second printing.

Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Iron Fist have all had their share of hard fights while protecting the streets of their city. But with Diamondback having returned from the dead, The Defenders are now being targeted – and it’s a fight they can only win if they stand together. Writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez bring their A-game to a story that Comicsverse calls “a fantastic beginning to a series perfect for both long-time fans and new fans looking to scratch The DEFENDERS itch before the new season on Netflix.”



“The Defenders may not appeal to readers specifically hoping for a traditional take on this superhero team, but anyone who enjoyed Brian Bendis’ work on books like Daredevil and Alias will be happy to see him return to this cast of characters. And with David Marquez at the helm, this series immediately gets off to a strong start. – IGN


“Defenders #1 feels a lot like a veteran musician revisiting the sound that made him great (and won Bendis Eisners) over a decade ago.” – Graphic Policy


“This team might not be A-listers like the Avengers, but that doesn’t mean that Defenders still don’t pack a heck of a punch.” – Newsarama



Don’t miss the comic everyone is talking about when it makes its way back to comic shops this July. Already caught up and itching for more? Make sure you pick up DEFENDERS #2 when it hits comic shops next week!




Art and Cover by DAVID MARQUEZ

FOC – 7/3/17, On-Sale 7/26/17





Art and Cover by DAVID MARQUEZ

On-Sale 6/28/17



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