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What is a hard bounce in e-mail marketing and why you should care?

In digital marketing, if an e-mail is said to have ‘bounced’ there’s a problem with it being delivered. Bounces are categorised as ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ bounces. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what each of these means and what the implications of a hard bounce are.

What is a soft bounce?

If you see that you have an exceptionally high soft bounce rate for a particular e-mail campaign, this means that the e-mail client that you use (for example MailChimp, Constant Contact or something similar) is not able to deliver a certain portion of the e-mails.

This can be due to:

• The recipient’s mailbox is full,
• The e-mail message that you’re trying to send the recipient being too big for their e-mail servers to accept, and/or
• The recipient’s e-mail server being down so that it can’t receive the message that you’re trying to send it.

Although a soft bounce is not something that you need to be too worried about, you need to keep an eye on this rate as well as which addresses are soft bouncing. This is because if a particular e-mail address soft bounces seven times, the e-mail client will re-classify this as a hard bounce. This means that you need to correct the temporary inability to deliver mail before this problem becomes more serious.

What is a hard bounce?

A hard bounce refers to a permanent inability to deliver mail to a specific address. Reasons for such a bounce include:

• The recipient’s e-mail address no longer being in existence. This most commonly happens when a person leaves the company.
• If the domain name no longer exists the e-mail will be classified as a hard bounce. The most common cause of this is if a company closes down – so necessitating that the domain name becomes defunct – or if the domain holder no longer wishes to keep the domain.
• A hard bounce can also occur if the recipient e-mail server blocks the sending e-mail server entirely. This will happen if the e-mail is constantly flagged as spam and not good for your digital marketing efforts.

Why should you care about hard bounces?

If you display a hard bounce rate that is above industry norms, you need to be concerned about this and ensure that you rectify this problem. There are a number of reasons why this is:

Your e-mails are considered to be spam

One of the reasons why your e-mails could be being classified as hard bounces is that the recipient’s e-mail server considers these as spam. The result of this classification is that people will start to see your company as not being authoritative. Consequently, your brand name will be damaged and you’ll need to work very hard to make this right.

If you do have a problem with hard bounces, work closely with your content marketing team in order to design your e-mails:

• Look at the language that is being used and see whether or not it could be flagged as being spam.
• Scrutinise your design and the pictures you’re using. Are these associated with known spam e-mails? If so, take these out and put more appropriate pictures in your communication.

Your data capturing is poor

Another reason why your e-mails could be labelled as hard bounces is that the e-mails don’t exist. This is often as a result of the e-mails being inputted incorrectly into the system. So to avoid this happening make sure that the person inputting this information double checks their work to ensure that all information is entered correctly.

E-mail marketing remains one of the most effective ways of carrying out a digital marketing campaign. The reason for this is that this is one of the most qualified leads out there because people have given you express permission to send them information. However, you need to treat this permission with the utmost respect and ensure that you only send them information that is in line with why they signed up to your e-mail list in the first place. So to make sure that your e-mails are on point, make sure that your digital marketing and content marketing teams work closely together to turn out a product that you’re proud of.


Alexandra Avila appointed President of JG Black Book.

JG Black Book, one of the world’s leading luxury travel industry consulting firm, announced yesterday that Vice President of Industry and Media Relations, Alexandra Avila, will assume the role of President of JG Black Book, effective May 1, 2018. Current Founder, President and CEO, Jena Gardner, remains as CEO, increasing her involvement with the growth and diversification of the agency’s parent brand, JG Worldwide.

Alexandra started working with Jena Gardner, Founder of JG Black Book, in 2009, returning in 2014 as a client when she was the Director of Sales and Marketing for Le Soleil D’Or a luxury resort in the Caribbean. In 2015 she returned to her JG Black Book roots where for the past three years Alexandra has been instrumental in bridging the agency’s assets in sales, marketing, branding, social media and public relations, offering clients increased ROI and added value in an increasingly competitive market where brands need a unified voice.

Alexandra has a strong background in the new integrated world of trade and public relations with experience that has combined partnership development, digital marketing and social media to maximize trade and consumer exposure. Her years of proven success has seen her implement creative marketing solutions to support brands within the travel, fashion and publishing industries, such as Travel + Leisure Magazine, the Guggenheim Museums, Ideeli and the Tod’s Group.

In her most recent position as Vice President of Industry and Media Relations, Alexandra led JG Black Book’s PR and Sales Representation departments, managing a team of 15, finding synergies between the services to identify efficiencies for clients which include some of the world’s leading properties, tour operators and tourism boards around the globe. Under her direction, revenue continued to increase and new partners include Delfin Amazon Cruises, Condor Travel, Al Bait Sharjah, Sheldon Chalet, The Giardino Group, Elewana, Global Community, Principal Hotel Company and The Stafford London.

As president, Alexandra will work closely with the executive team as the company continues to evolve as a fully integrated one-stop sales and marketing agency. The focus will be on growing new business, attracting fresh talent and maintaining superior client service, while building on the agency’s expertise and A-list contacts within the luxury hospitality industry in North America, Latin America and the United Kingdom.

Commenting on the announcement, Jena Gardner says “Alexandra is widely recognized for her creative business-minded approach which is essential to the success of our partners as well as ours” said Gardner. “She is committed to achieving operational excellence and innovation and I’m excited for the future of JG Black Book as she takes a lead on integrating our operations further”.

Alexandra Avila added, “I’m excited to build on the highly reputable foundation we have established. We have a strong, passionate team with top connections in the industry and media place, and are focused on achieving only the best results for our clients. We now have even more tools to work with and opportunities to deliver consolidated campaigns in a sector that is rapidly changing and needs to be more dynamic than ever before”.

Founded in 2002 by travel industry veteran Jena Gardner, JG Black Book’s mission is to champion independent travel brands to tell their stories, build new networks and increase sales. Over the last 15 years, the highly successful consulting firm has helped over 150 of the world’s most extraordinary travel providers increase their share of voice in a constantly changing marketplace.

This appointment announcement comes soon after Gardner’s recent acquisition of MERCURYcsc – a leading creative, advertising and digital agency which expands JG Worldwide’s portfolio of services to now include full brand development, content creation, digital and social campaigns, advertising and media planning.

This perfectly complements the robust trade representation, public relations, marketing and strategic consulting services that JG Black Book and sister agency W!T are already known for.

JG Black Book’s purpose is simple – to give destinations a voice. We are a full-service consulting firm that offers integrated Public Relations, Trade Relations, Marketing, and Branding services to clients in the travel and travel lifestyle sector. We help destinations gain exposure, build brands, establish networks and increase sales in North America, Latin America, and the U.K. The JG Black Book team of industry veterans, unique service model, and powerful connections have built the firm’s reputation as a trusted advisor for more than 130 of the world’s most celebrated travel brands including British Virgin Islands Tourist Board, Belize Tourism Board, Micato Safaris, Grace Bay Resorts, Leeu Collection, Andronis Luxury Suites, Volcanoes Safaris, Stafford London, Sonnenalp Hotel, Elewana Collection, GHM, the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board and the country of Belize. For more information on JG Black Book, please visit or call 212-967-5895.

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