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In a story spinning out of WAR OF THE REALMS, hit characters from the popular mobile RPG game MARVEL Future Fight join Marvel’s newest heroes from China, along with its newest Filipina sensation for an all-new story! Suit up as Luna Snow, Crescent and Io, Aero and Swordmaster, and Wave join Marvel mainstays Kamala Khan, Amadeus Cho, Cindy Moon, and Shang-Chi to fight Malekith’s forces on Earth!

Writer Greg Pak and artist Gang-Hyuk Lim bring new and exciting heroes to life in an all-new story with WAR OF THE REALMS: NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS #1, which has received critical acclaim from comic fans and critics alike – and Marvel is excited to announce that the first issue will return to comic shops for a second printing.

“Having read a bunch of War of the Realms tie-ins, I gotta say this might be my favorite. The action is great, the art (by Gang Hyuk Lim, Federico Blee, and Clayton Cowles) is beautiful, and there’s some really fantastic character work that helps you identify with the characters.” – Rogues Portal

“Greg Pak and Gang Hyuk Lim have crafted a great issue filled with lovable second-string characters…Jimmy Woo’s Atlas team is wonderfully diverse and bounce off one another brilliantly, both in combat and camaraderie.” – Comic Book Resources

“Greg Pak has always kept character as a priority for his books and it’s fun to see how he’s exploring the team book here.” – AiPT!

Get caught up now before issue #2 hits on May 22nd!