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Beyond The Equator Releases 5 Seed Butter

Whether you have allergy concerns or just want a tasty, healthy alternative to peanut, almond, cashew or other nut butters, now you have a delicious choice! Its name: Beyond The Equator’s 5 Seed Butter Spread. It’s a whole mouthful of delicious!

This flavorful blend of chia, flax, pumpkin, sunflower and hemp seeds packs a nutritional punch. Whether you pick creamy, crunchy or unsweetened, you get 8 grams of protein and only 5 grams of carbs per 2 TBS serving along with healthy omega 3’s, antioxidants and fiber.

The 5 Seed Butter Spread is also allergen-friendly, so you won’t have to worry when you give snacks to the neighborhood kids. It’s also free from GMOs and gluten and it’s vegan and keto too!

You’ll love this delicious spread as a dip with fruit and veggies, in smoothies and sandwiches. Need some other fun ideas, check out Beyond the Equator’s delish recipes like  Seed Butter Oat Power Bars or Thai Inspired Seed Butter Dressing.

More to Love About Beyond the Equator’s 5 Seed Butter:

Made in a facility free from the 8 top allergens

Contains no peanuts, tree nuts or soy

Simple ingredients including seeds, brown cane sugar, salt and natural flavors

Safe options for the workplace, school or anywhere allergens are a concern

Environmentally friendly too. It takes about 85% less water to make a jar of 5 Seed Butter than a jar of almond butter!

Simply Delicious!

About Beyond the Equator: Carl began farming sugarcane in Louisiana four decades ago. As his passion for farming grew, he began traveling south of the equator to farm on some of the world’s purest soils. He found what he was searching for in Bolivia where he was introduced to a staple of the Andean culture – superfoods. Carl realized these nutrient-packed crops were underused and unappreciated in the states, so in 2017 he co-founded Beyond the Equator to offer these healthiest products to folks at home.

Beyond the Equator is available on Amazon or at


A Topical Gel that Reduces Inhalation of Harmful Airborne Contaminants Makes National Debut

Perfect for Flu and Cough Cold Season, Indoor Pollutants, Pet Allergies and More

Trutek Corp. announces the launch of NasalGuard®Airborne Particle Blocker®. NasalGuard is an electrostatic topical nasal gel that prevents airborne particles from entering the nose. The product is drug-free and safe for pregnant or nursing women, children, and those concerned about potential drug interactions with other medications. It is a perfect solution to guard you against the Flu/Cough/Cold and all indoor pollutants this winter season.

NasalGuard protects against virtually all types of contaminants in any location. Users can count on it to work in their homes, offices, and other environments where airborne particles may present a health hazard. The product works immediately upon application and lasts up to six hours. NasalGuard gel uses a cationic (positively-charged) polymer that creates a safe electrostatic field around the nasal passages that traps oppositely charged particles and repels similarly charged particles to reduce inhalation of most harmful airborne particles before they enter your body. NasalGuard gel can be purchased online, Amazon or by calling 855-627-2545 in a 3 gram tube for $11.85.

Every day, people are exposed to millions of airborne particles in crowded, confined spaces such as airports, airplanes, transportation centers and subways, homes and offices, hospitals, doctor’s offices and movie theaters. Using NasalGuard gel regularly will help protect against the immediate and long-term risk of breathing harmful contaminated air.

There has been a growing public health concern globally regarding the adverse health effects caused by the inhalation of microscopic airborne particles. Asthma, diabetes, lung cancer and cardiovascular disease are all proven to be linked to air contamination. In response to this widespread problem, Trutek has successfully advanced their technology which was originally focused on blocking allergens from entering the nose for preventing allergy symptoms. This breakthrough provides a greater electrostatic blocking effect that is effective against a much wider spectrum of microscopic indoor and outdoor contaminants including mold, pollen, pet dander, pollution, and virus-sized particles.

NasalGuard technology was invented by Ashok Wahi, the founder and CEO of Trutek Corp., an R&D Product Development Company. An engineer by training, Ashok was inspired to create this technology to aid his own daughter, Aikta, who suffered from severe allergies. “I developed this product because of the vital need to have some kind of personal air filter that was drug free and easy to use,” says Ashok Wahi.

About Trutek Corp.

Trutek Corp. has been marketing patented NasalGuard technology all over the world since 1995. Over 12 million tubes have been sold with no reports of adverse effects.

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