ALEPH Projects @ Beit Kandinof  |  Group Exhibition

July 1 – August 1, 2017

Artists: Eden Mitsenmacher, Eliott Paquet, Mit Borrás and Yoni Passy

ALEPH Projects is pleased to present “LOVE AND OTHER FORMS OF PAIN”.

Hosted at Beit Kandinof, the group exhibition features four young artists, Israeli and international, whose video works face the notions of love and defeat, stimulation and obsession in times of digitized communication.

The Israeli / American artist Eden_Mitsenmacher videos and new media works are frequently dealing with longing and loneliness. In “Back to Reality” (2016), the artist is recorded singing the 90’s hit “Back To Life” of Soul II Soul as it is rhythmed by smartphone notifications. Mitsenmacher’s “singing-to-the-mirror-while-switching-and-forgetting-words” version of the song is voice-overing a dreamy artificial animated image of a storm cloud. As Eden Mitsenmacher states: “hyper-worlds, built from cultural stereotypes and clichés, pushed to the brink of emotional overload”.

In “Partage (Clothilde)” (2016), the French artist Eliott_Paquet transcribes his last conversations over social media with his ex-girlfriend. The dialogues, translated to Chinese and narrated by a computer speech software, are set up in a 3d rendered environment of an ocean where two suns are crossing each other paths before setting down.

Liquid Marble” (2017) by Spanish artist Mit_Borrás, depicts a marble surface slowly swirling into a storm. The cold still stone is animated to portray a dramatic scenery of trapping movement and dizziness, pulling forces. Next but at the same time opposite to the linear and silence of it, the work “Techno Light” (2016) displays a short brutal house music beat looping endlessly with flashing lights.

Israeli artist Yoni_Passy’s “Never the Same” (2017) is a 14 hours length video, composed of over 25,000 still images that the artist collected on the Internet over the course of the last 12 years. Taking different shapes throughout the years- the artist’s blog “Internet My Love”, and later the online show “Never the Same” (2015)- the volume acts as an epic mosaic portrait, a compulsive manifestation and a prism to the human condition in relation to imagery inflation as it is projecting landscapes, pornography anonymous family archive pictures and many more in a random order.


“LOVE AND OTHER FORMS OF PAIN” is the first collaboration between ALEPH Projects and Beit Kandinof. The exhibition is accompanied by a special sale offering a collection of affordable prints and magazines picked and curated by ALEPH Editions.



  • ALEPH Projects is a contemporary art and design platform focusing on selected Israeli and international artists. Run by gallerists and curators based in Tel Aviv and Paris, it provides expertise in the shaping of public projects, as well as consultancy for private collections.

ALEPH Editions offers artworks in affordable prices.


  • Beit Kandinof is a new art hub and bar in the heart of Jaffa that showcases local artwork in rotating exhibitions, five artist studios, and runs classes in the arts.


  • Featured Artists:

Mit Borrás (b.1982) was born in Spain and lives in Madrid and Berlin.

Eden Mitsenmacher (b.1987) was born in the USA and lives in Rotterdam and Tel Aviv.

Eliott Paquet (b. 1990) was born in Paris, where he lives and works.

Yoni Passy (b. 1982) was born in Israel, he lives and works in Tel Aviv.



ALEPH Projects @ Beit Kandinof | Group Exhibition

July 1 – August 1, 2017

Artists: Eden Mitsenmacher, Eliott Paquet, Mit Borrás and Yoni Passy

Beit Kandinof, Hatzorfim 14, Tel Aviv Yaffo, 03-6502938

Opening Reception: July 1, 7 P.M.

Opening Hours: 10 A.M. – 12 P.M.

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