Feeding Our Warriors Daughters

IN THE TREATMENT OF ADULT WOMEN, we often hold discussions on powerful women being “warriors” in recovery, overcoming the trials of an eating disorder and likely other hardships.

IN WORKING WITH ADOLESCENT GIRLS, I sometimes hear comments on how “sweet” the work of younger girls must be by comparison, or sometimes even how “sad” it must be to see younger girls’ struggle. In response, I routinely say that these girls are the truest warriors – a path less refined by age, but sometimes with just as many battle marks.

SO, HOW DO WE EMPOWER our adolescent girls to be warriors in their recovery while also holding space for them to stay at a developmentally-appropriate place in their life and recovery work?


Clementine Adolescent Treatment Programs Director of Nutrition Services Amanda Mellowspring, MS, RD/N, CEDRD-S is a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian with over a decade of experience in program development and clinical application working with eating disorders at various levels of care.

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