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Album Review: Reggae Ambassadors Third World ‘More Work To Be Done’ Produced by Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley

From the first to last track the body of work is perfection and deserving of any accolades and most definitely a GRAMMY nod!

Within seconds of the first song, the musical layout hooks you and sets your ears and mind for a well deserved Grammy for best reggae album of 2019. YimMasGan by all accounts is a cover of the legendary Abyssinians, but THIRD WORLD has not only done justice to the song, but they somewhat managed to keep the essence and purity of the reggae track yet made it fit their distinctive style, there is no denying that it’s a THIRD WORLD track. Added bonus for music heads, although Cat Coore has many memorable solo’s in his arsenal, these two will forever remain engraved in my music memory.

The various collaborations and features were cleverly chosen as they each bridge various generations while catering to Dancehall, Pop and Reggae aficionado. Added to the top of my personal playlist is “Island Dreams” featuring Third World, Tessanne Chin & Tarrus Riley. The smoothness of the song makes it the perfect track. The music and lyrics melt your soul, the rugged gritty tone of Taurrus perfectly blend with the intoxicatingly smooth vocals of Tessane Chin. “Na Na Na” feat. Chronixx is yet another single that will stand up against the best, Chronixx new reggae resurgence strength and THIRD WORLD’s enduring traditional sound resonates powerfully.  “Feel Good” feat. Busy Signal does exactly what the title boasts, “You’re Not the Only One” feat. Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley), one word CLASSIC, and “People of a Different Color with Pressure Busspipe offers a universal appeal through the lyrics and rhythm. Not only are the lyrics deeply honest, but the delivery evokes such powerful imagery and feeling that it could strictly be poetry.

Varying between driving roots reggae riffs, mellow rhythms and riding constant, captivating bass lines,  “MORE WORK TO COME” well rounded body of work is an important part in music history by continuing to spread what is considered the most revolutionary, yet peaceful and ground-breaking music.

Produced by Damian “Jr Gong” Marley, the maestro managed to keep the essence of THIRD WORLD distinctive “Bunny Rugs” era, while balancing the honorable legacy of AJ Brown, this “MORE WORK TO BE DONE” album does something very few can, it bridges tradition and millennial in harmony, indeed THIRD WORLD Keeps Turning!

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