360 is an edgy fashion, lifestyle and culture magazine. We will introduce cutting-edge brands, entities and trends to tastemakers within their respective communities. Our founding members have over 30 years of collective experience both as notable talent and uber professionals within the realm of fashion, music, art, design and entertainment. We are more than just a magazine comprised of journalists, representing a movement of social awareness and change.

We are a LGBTQIA friendly publication. The magazine is contemporary in look and appeal. Quality art content is the constant goal. The magazine will be entertaining, newsworthy and thought-provoking. It will appeal to a broad entertainment readership. No magazine like it is available today, constantly showcasing racial and sexual ambiguous talent and artists.

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President/Editorial Director

Vaughn Lowery

Global Business Manager

Rodney Ramlochan

Creative Director

Tommy P

Culture Editor

Tom Wilmer

Lifestyle Editor

Patrick T. Cooper

Auto Editor

Shin Takei

Auto Contributors

Anthony Sovinsky

Benjamin Reese

Fashion Director

Marc Littlejohn

Fashion Editor

Apuje Kalu

Fashion Contributors

Jamison Harris

Jonta Harris

Wine + Spirits Editor

Ilona Thompson

Special Assignments

Ana De Cozar

Krishan Narsinghani

Frank Pena

Tiandra Black

Cameron Michael Parkes

Contributing Photographers

Jones Crow

Catherine Asanov

Elton Anderson

Digital/Marketing Coordinators

Diana Macaraeg

Archie Howard

Victor Harrington

Stella Sun

Kelsey Welsh

Hannah Audrey Lowe

Trademark Attorney

Linda Joy Kattwinkel